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Data Management


The Dashboard is the face of the Campus Cloud software, the best school administration software system that lets you see the dynamic information such as the number of functions can be done, the list of services can be delivered and the number of facilities can be accessed, at a single glance. The Campus Cloud software system provides the admin, students and the teachers a respective dashboard for their own school-related purposes.

  • Gives quick access to every module.
  • Shows the Key performance indicators.
  • Required modules can be added to the dashboard.
  • Can configure analytical type of dashboard on the system

Standard Report

This module generates a report of an employee as well as a student. A student's assessment report based on his/her academic performances will be generated automatically by the Campus Cloud software system and the generated report will be laid before the sight of the respective teachers, management and the parents. This report generation facility gives the management and the teachers an exact view that what are the inputs need to be given to the each and every student in the school in order to improve their academic performances.

  • Student attendance report.
  • Student assessment report.
  • Student information report.
  • Employee information report.
  • Generates student’s progress report at every stages

Custom Report

The administrator can customize a report of an employee and a student. The additional information such as E-mail id, blood group of a student, mobile number, known languages, marital status, reference, etc. can be added to the system in order to get a detailed report of an employee/student.

  • Generate an assessment report.
  • Add miscellaneous information of an employee/ student.

Import and Export

Now it is easy to export or import a data of a student/employee into the system using the Campus Cloud Management software system. The data stored in different formats such as Excel and so on can easily be imported into the system as well as the data stored in the system can easily be downloaded by your own device using the Campus Cloud software system.

  • Effective data migration facility.
  • Admin can upload/download a document.
  • Users can easily import a data from excel sheet

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