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Communication Management

Sms And E-mail

The Campus Cloud software, the top education software system holds an effective communication system which brings you numerous fruitful facilities in order to give you an overwhelming communication experience. Parents and students will be updated with the necessary information on time, from their respective school management as well as their teachers through the SMS/E-Mail facility.

  • Customizable module.
  • Group as well as individual messaging facility is available.
  • Using this system, parents and students can able to contact the teachers.


We separately have a field on the dashboard of the Campus Cloud Management software system for publishing news related to ongoing, upcoming as well as accomplished school events (academic and non-academic).

  • Admin can create, update and delete a news.
  • PDF or other format of files can be attached to a news article.
  • News can be sent to the students, the parents and the teachers through the Campus Cloud system


You need not to send a person to every class in a school in order to inform a message. Because this traditional method of circulating an information is not an ultimate solution for delivering a message as some students as well as teachers may happen to be absent at the time of delivering the information. In pursuance of overcoming such issues, the Campus Cloud brought up with a fine and an ultimate solution for circulating an information where the admin can post a circular on the notice board of the Campus Cloud system while the staffs, students and the parents can view it easily.

  • Information can be updated on a daily-basis.
  • This system reaches a message to everyone in a school without any fail.

Query And Feedback

Query makes you understand better our product while feedback makes us understand better that how our clients are experiencing our product. We highly value your query as well as your feedback regarding the Campus Cloud software system and we love working continuously for you as we consider your satisfaction as our main goal.

  • Your queries will be answered quickly
  • Each of your feedback will be taken into account and if you have any issue with our system, we will work on it as very soon as possible in order to bring you a best possible result.


Campus Placement or Campus Recruitment has become a popular and commonly used method for hiring a personnel for an organization. Many domestic and foreign companies visit the most important and the privileged educational institutions in the country in an attempt to hire young intelligent and smart students. This is why we provide you with a module for managing placement related works and which eases your job while handling the placement events.

  • Tracks a student's placement status.
  • Manage the entire placement process.
  • Admin/placement officer can accept or reject an application.
  • Students can apply for a placement event using the Campus Cloud software system.


Visual interpretation is a best way to exhibit the features that your educational institution includes. That is why we designed the gallery module in the Campus Cloud system in such a unique way so that you can portray the aspects of your school in all the best manner.

  • Can create different gallery types.
  • Can upload and download images/videos.
  • Admin can delete an image as well as a video from the module.

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