Case Studies

Royal Institute International School of Higher Education, Sri Lanka

About the school

A pioneer in international education, Royal Institute International School is a premier private sector educational institute in Sri Lanka with a reputation for devotion to academic excellence providing primary and secondary education. Founded in 1971, Royal Institute has over six branches located in Havelock Town, Gampaha, Maya Avenue, Maharagama, Nugegoda and Stanley Thilakaratne Mawatha.

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The main challenges faced by the institution in their quest for the best school management software

  • Need of a centralized system for managing branch information.
  • Ineffectiveness in addressing software related queries.
  • Unwillingness to adapt to the institution's requirements.
  • Limited and/or one-time training for use of software.

How Campus Cloud has helped the institution in overcoming these challenges

Campus Cloud has helped Royal Institute International School in fulfilling their search for the best school management software. Before Campus Cloud , the institution was finding it difficult to gather data relating to each one of their branches, whenever they required it. Once Campus Cloud came into the picture,

This is what Dr. Nirodha Bandara, Academic Director of Royal Institute International School said, “This software has been helpful in drawing out useful pieces of information immediately, and managing our five branch schools”.

These days, not many school management software companies offer quick and effective assistance for solving queries relating to the use of the software. Moreover, they are not very adaptable to the various requirements of institutions.

“The team at Campus Cloud have been extremely helpful. They respond to our queries immediately and are willing to adapt the system to the school requirements”, said Dr. Nirodha.

Since school management software is a particularly recent technological development in the education sector, staffs in schools need to be trained properly in using it. It’s obvious that switching over from a paper-based to a completely digital environment takes a lot of training, effort and patience. Most software companies either provide very little or no training at all, to the institutions that purchase the software.

Dr. Nirodha said, “Campus Cloud ’s team provide our staff with the necessary training as and when required. After having spoken to several software companies, Royal Institute chose to go with this company due to their prompt and effective service”.

MGA Schools group of schools, Africa

About the school

MGA Schools is a group of schools located in Africa with two different campuses. They have been motivating the students and parents by bringing in their quality education for all the child in the surrounding. They support students all the way from Kindergarten to 7th and 8th grade students. Providing the best education motivated them to think out of the box to implement a sophisticated system for their school management.

Why they needed us?

MGA Schools faced some difficulties because they had two separate campuses and other troubles such as,

  • Difficulty to update or share media from any event happening in the schools to bring more communication and engagement of the students, teachers and the parents. MGA schools was looking to build a system which could be used to build their own school community to share their thoughts, photos and videos which could receive likes, comments.
  • A serious lack of communication in between the stakeholders of the school. This not only acted as a barrier for the student’s performance improvement but also made them not very happy about the student teacher engagement.
  • The children and parents faced problems at time when the timings of the bus could vary because of morning traffics or route changes to the school campus. The parents and the school management just wanted a system to know the status of the bus location from time to time.
  • MGA Schools was struggling with the accounts of the institution. Not only that the examination management was taken into the sights of the school management that it needs a serious improvement or a reconstruction at the earliest possible.

What we did?

Campus Cloud was not a ready to use school management solution for the requirement on the tables of the MGA Schools as their requirement were unique and needed more specified adjustments. Campus Cloud team had frequent communication with MGA Schools so as to provide them their best possible school management solution. Campus Cloud was customized and integrated with the school website so as to act as a tool to share among the school community. Our team just did not just stop here, but helped MGA Schools with a solution for every problem they had in accounting, fees management and also in examination management.

Why are they happy?

MGA Schools is now able to manage and coordinate all the major happening not limited to events and activities in their schools with ease. Campus Cloud is always grateful for the opportunity to help MGA Schools with the aid of it’s Campus Cloud management software.

What made Campus Cloud so special?

  • A mini social media platform was built for the students and teachers of the MGA Schools so as to share their photos, videos and thoughts among their fellow students and staffs. A provision to share them over social media like Facebook was included. Now, the students, staffs and the parents are not only aware of the activities in the school, but they are more connected than before.
  • The buses can never be missed or anyone should wait for more than 2 minutes. Thanks to the real time tracking of the buses with the aid of the mobile phone application. The Driver mobile application developed specially for the MGA Schools removed all the hassles and struggles of the parents and th students. The mobile application provides the location of the bus at any time interval for the students and the parents to sit and relax rather than waiting restlessly for the bus.
  • Campus Cloud ’s notably has a very well developed communication system. With the different profile based logins for the teachers, parents and the students, anyone can seamlessly communicate with their fellow mates. Teachers are able to assign home assignments to students in the vicinity of the parents.
  • The Account management system within the Campus Cloud management software was more than enough to smooth and organize the exchanges happening within and outside the MGA Schools. With the account module, all the accountancy works were taken care at the least time saving a lot of energy.
  • The MGA Schools has a different board of education for their students and so a much different examination system. The online Examination module of the school software was customized to meet the needs of the staffs and students.
  • The Online fee management went through a tweak as the students can pass the final exam or gets detained in a class. The pending or the fee which is paid earlier is now being moved forward to the current term, the student studies. This helps the money management more easy and felxible.
Campus Cloud was pushed to one of it’s extent. Thans to MGA Schools. But still the management of the MGA Schools liked to work with Campus Cloud team and here is what they say,

NPR Group of Institutions, Tamilnadu

Who says it?

NPR Group of Institutions has been the breeding ground for thousands of Engineers, Teachers and a lot of other contributors respected by the society. Their campuses not only spread in various region in Tamil-Nadu but also give opportunity for the students to pursue different streams of education in Technology and Engineering, Commerce and also Arts. There are numerous reasons for the students to choose NPR institutions over the others.

Why they needed us?

The challenges faced by NPR groups were,

  • Ineffective work flow
  • Difficulty to manage different institutions
  • Payroll was not streamlined and was giving a hard time
  • Monitoring the Transport, hostel mess, canteen inventory and other billing expenses
  • Conventional Out pass system which was creating confusion among the students, wardens and security officers.

What we did?

Campus Cloud has worked very closely with the NPR group of Institutions to provide a feasible solution to support their daily school management. UCS was willing to hone their flagship school management system to streamline the work-flow inside the NPR Group. Not only they did Campus Cloud tailor made for the NPR group, but they also conducted more than one hands on training sessions dedicated for the teachers and staffs to be able to excel using the timetable, hostel management system, visitor management system and also the payroll.

Why are they happy?

Campus Cloud didn’t only sell their service, but satisfied each and every staff member belonging to the NPR group. Campus Cloud have made their lives very easy than their previous days. What did UCS really do?

What made Campus Cloud so special?

  • Designed and developed a dedicated mobile application for administrator. This makes the work easy to monitor the day to day activities of the group of institutions effectively with the touch of a mobile screen.
  • Paved a possibility for the NPR Group to publish all the events, news, notice, etc to all the group from single point. So even if NPR group is planning to expand itself by having two more educational colleges and an Engineering college, all notifications and events can just be taken care of from within this student school system built for them.
  • Hostel management system, Payroll and Inventory were configured for NPR and multiple training sessions were held so as to make this daily routine with the school management as smooth as a feather for the teachers and the supporting staffs.
  • Automated the online staff attendance with the aid of a mobile application built specially for staffs. The leave requests could be made with custom approval hierarchy ranging from the Head of the Department(HOD), The Principal and The Management members.
  • Online Payroll System was what NPR group wanted. The Payroll management system will calculate all the salary components including loss of pay, generation of PF report , salary report, by just some clicks. The PF report could be submitted into the PF portal and the Salary report of the employee can be used to submit them to the bank.
  • Thanks to the Visitor Management System. No more confusions and problems at the security gate. Online integration of the reception to hostel enables communication between them so the out pass will automatically be sent to the security officer to save time and energy. The bonus being the visitor information be able to be kept on track easily.
Say what the Executive Director of the NPR Group of Institutions say about his experience working with Campus Cloud , “They always said us to call anytime even after 4 pm to get their support and they were ready to listen to our feedback about the system” style=" font-size: 10px;!important">

Dr. K. K Shyam Umasankar,
Executive Director
NPR Group of Institutions
Engineering I Arts and Science I Education I Polytechnic

Parvathy's Arts and Science College, Tamilnadu

Who says it?

Parvathy's Arts and Science College is well known for their offerings in the art and science field of education. They are located in Dindigul, Tamilnadu. The Parvathy’s Arts and Science College is affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj University. Located in a region with students raising to explore career opportunities in the arts and science, they offer bachelor courses on Information Technology, Computer Applications and also courses on Commerce. Campus Cloud partnered with Parvathy’s Arts and Science College to ease their daily administrative work with the aid of their student management system.

Why they needed us?

Parvathy's Arts and Science College were having some hard time trying to figure out a solution for their problems.

  • They needed a system to manage and access all their needed information about the students which couldn’t be managed by their existing ERP tool used for School management. The Student information system could not process and manage the total information of the students needed by the administration. They had around 200 information that need to be stored and used in the system when needed by the staff member.
  • A lack of Transport Management System to keep track of not only the traffic info but also the documentations needed for each transport vehicle and the report for Diesel meter periodically.
  • Though Parvathy's Arts and Science College had an ERP system, online admission and fees payment was not possible. The students and the managing staffs faced difficulty during the admission process as they will need to come in person for the admission and the documents still need to be submitted at office.
  • Staff attendance stayed as a separate entity. The Bio-metric used to store the attendance could not be integrated with the existing Information management system.

What we did?

Campus Cloud found the opportunity and a feasible way to encounter the problem. Campus Cloud could not be directly used as the requirement was tricky and different from their other clients. The School management software team worked with the Parvathy's Arts and Science College staffs to provide a viable solution. Campus Cloud was configured to be a dynamic system to be able to collect and process as much as information from the students no matter what the condition or dependencies where. Campus Cloud was setup to retrieve the attendance information from the Bio-metric to directly upload the staff attendance data into the information management system.

Why are they happy?

Now, Campus Cloud is very proud and happy for the service opportunity found at the Parvathy's Arts and Science College. Campus Cloud made the administrative works easy for the staffs. Why was Campus Cloud accepted?

What made Campus Cloud so special?

  • The problem with the existing ERP software was carefully sorted out and the most reliable solution was given to manage numerous data from the student without any hassle or any sort of dependencies. The Dynamic functioning of the system to manage and sort things by itself made Campus Cloud not only robust and desirable but also opened a new way into better customer satisfaction.
  • No more worries as Transport Management was never this easy. RC books of vehicles are fed into the system and digitized. Organized the cost calculation by effective Diesel meter report periodically. Parvathy's Arts and Science College is saving their time by not tracking their expenses manually. Thanks to Campus Cloud ’s simple and innovative Information Management System.
  • Staff attendance is no more a pain to feed manually. The Bio-metric is integrated with the College Information Management System so that the data will be fed automatically in to the system when the staffs inputs their attendance.
  • Parvathy's Arts and Science College paved way for their students and the administration staffs to have their peace by incorporating methods to accept admission for the College online. Now students can apply online, pay admission sand application fee with a simple click and also submit their documents into the system which could be easily managed by the managing staffs.
  • Not only Campus Cloud allowed accepting the admission and application fees online, but it also enabled the student fees collection so students and parents can avoid wasting their time standing in a Que.
The Principal of Parvathy's Arts and Science College is so happy by the service Campus Cloud was able to deliver and says it his way, >

Parvathy’s Arts and Science College
Mobile: +919965570009

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