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Online Exams and QUIZZES

Create QUIZZES with MCQ and frame your questions for examinations online with ease using our LMS.

Report Management

With UC-LMS, it becomes easier for educators to maintain reports of the student performance in a single online platform.

Managing Multiple Courses

Our LMS software allows you to seamlessly handle multiple courses containing various subjects for any number of students.

Training Content

For educational & training institutes, our LMS is offers a platform to conduct online training sessions with some basic contents.

Study Material Upload

Educators can easily upload/download study material, videos and assignments on the UC-Learning management system.

E-learning Program

UC-Learning management system can help encourage e-learning facility in the premises of any institution.

Centralised Learning that can lessen your stress and improve efficiency

More often it becomes a tedious process for educational institutions to maintain study materials. UC-Learning management system provides a solution to organise all the learning resources for different courses and subjects in a central place.


Monitoring the student performace just got easy!

Student performance remarks keeps our LMS stand out. Our LMS has the analytics builtin to ensure the teacher to know the various performace parameters like marks, attendance, time taken for an exam and more.

Key highlights of our Virtual Classroom

Want to know why you should go for our Virtual Classroom software from among others in the market?

  • High reliability and optimised performance even with a slow internet connection.
  • Granular monitoring of student session activities and generation of session statistics.
  • Highly customizable sessions for conducting sessions for a selected set of students only.
  • Both the students and the teachers can join the session from their portal (Mobile/Web) in just a click.
  • Low data transfer where the average data consumption per student per hour session is as low as say about 200 MB.
  • Thanks to the seamless integration with the UC-LMS, where the teachers can schedule a session and communicate with the students with ease.
  • Students can access the recorded session from their portal any time when they need.
  • Automatic attendance system using facial recognition for students (to avoid proxy attendance).
  • Chat facilities for all the students in a session to share their ideas and queries with the presenter.
  • An online collaborative whiteboard that allows the users to write and draw simultaneously on a big virtual board.
  • The Whiteboard can be used for writing and drawing on the whiteboard, typing, or adding a text, and even writing on an image or a pdf file and more.

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