Features of our Virtual Classroom Software

Digital Whiteboard

Time to move on from physical whiteboards to ‘Digital Whiteboard’ provided by Campus Cloud ’s Virtual Classroom Software. This digital whiteboard enables teachers to write important notes when the online class is being conducted.

Live Streaming

With Campus Cloud ’s Virtual Classroom Software, teachers can conduct online classes via audio and video communication facilitated by the ‘Live Streaming’ feature. Time to let go of geographical boundaries for ensuring quality education!

Live Chat

Students can interact with the teachers and get their doubts clarified in no time by using the ‘Live Chat’ feature of Campus Cloud ’s Virtual Classroom Software. This greatly helps in reducing communication barriers between the various stakeholders.

Screen Sharing

Campus Cloud ’s Virtual Classroom Solution also comes with a ‘Screen Sharing’ feature with the help of which teachers can share their computer, laptop or mobile screens for doing a presentation or for visually representing any concept via video or image.

Virtual Classroom Solution With LMS

Our Virtual Classroom Solution also comes with an amazing optional integration with LMS (Learning Management System) that boasts of features such as online admission, syllabus and lesson planner, academic management, online examination and much more.


Customized Solution for Your Educational Institution

Looking for more flexibility in terms of Virtual Classroom Features or Add-ons? Fear not, since Campus Cloud ’s Virtual Classroom Solution also provides a customized plan as per the needs and requirements of your educational institution.

Quick highlights of our Virtual Classroom Software

Campus Cloud ’s Virtual Classroom Solution is extremely useful for your educational institution for the purpose of providing quality education to students located all around the world!

  • Flexible access to the recorded sessions of the classes can be provided to the students.
  • Student doubts and queries can be solved using the Live Chat feature.
  • Digital Whiteboard allows users to collaborate and write or draw content simultaneously during any given session.
  • Users can also add or write text on the whiteboard along with adding a PDF file or image onto it.
  • Attendance management in a new way with ‘Facial Recognition’ attendance feature to record the actual presence of the students.
  • Teachers and Students can join the session using any device that is a desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet.
  • Scheduling of classes with UC-LMS ensures that students are informed about the classes beforehand.
  • Sessions are highly customizable and can be conducted for any given number of students.
  • Student performance in any session can be monitored, together with the generation of session statistics.
  • Sessions are fully optimised, thereby ensuring higher reliability even when there is poor internet connectivity.
  • Data consumption will be as low as 200MB per hour per student.

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