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Biometric devices can be integrated with the Campus Cloud software, the best online school management Software, in order to build the best time-tracking system for the better optimization of employees and students. The team of the Campus Cloud software system believes in the importance of time management and considers it as an art as well as the essence of success in any field. Thus, we designed an advanced time tracking system which ensures high security and reliability in an administrative environment and it helps an educational management while generating employees' payroll reports and such flawlessly.

  • Reduces paper-work.
  • Centralized working-hour management.
  • Tracks an employee's time-management.
  • Helps in generating attendance and payroll reports.
  • Assists an educational institution to gain more profit.
  • Every student and employee will be given a unique identification.
  • The admin can easily figure out the employees/students who are tardy.

Online Exam

Conducting online mode of examination has become common everywhere as it saves time, brings a precise output and prevents any malpractice from happening. Though there are many digital mediums facilitate online mode of exams, The Campus Cloud is a cut above as it brings you an amicable platform to conduct online exams and publishes the results online for the same.

  • Saves time and money.
  • Accurate result generation.
  • Supervisation of exam will be easy.
  • Can create different exams and can customize it easily.

Online Payment

It becomes an outdated custom that paying tuition fee by standing in a queue. Technology nowadays offers many digital payment platforms where people can pay or transfer money through digital payment mediums. The Campus Cloud 's online payment facility designed in the same way which helps the users to pay/transfer money online easily as well as conveniently.

  • Secure and reliable.
  • Transparent money transaction.
  • Every transaction will be recorded.
  • Instant acknowledgement generation.
  • Pay money from anywhere at anytime


Accounting software, Tally can be integrated with the Campus Cloud Management software system which will assist you to a higher extent while performing a task related to accounting and it simplifies the accounting tasks such as records keeping, accounts receiving, payment management and bank reconciliation.

  • Can migrate data easily
  • Tracks expenses and returns.
  • Helps to manage inventories.
  • Classifies taxable and non-taxable income.
  • The payments made through the Campus Cloud ERP system can be mapped with the tally.

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